Dig Once Trusts

Deploying fibre-duct infrastructure at minimal cost


Following the example of US cities, it is possible to build a comprehensive fibre infrastructure at low cost by installing ducting during development and construction work. By creating a neutral body that can hold the ducting in trust, and make it available to stakeholders for rent, it’s possible to overcome some of the obstacles that have prevented progress in the UK.

The problem

Digital Exchanges

The new exchange points we need to serve the networks of the future can provide focal points for innovation and collaboration


Thin Layer Model

Rapid fibre deployment through public and private sector collaboration


Imagine IBZL

IBZL is a thought experiment. It starts from the question: what if bandwidth (and latency) in networks like the internet didn't matter any more? What would become possible?

The capacity and speed of the internet and related networks has increased exponentially over the last 20 years but the change has come in steps, steps that have unleashed waves of innovation.