IBZL is a thought experiment. It starts from the question: what if bandwidth (and latency) in networks like the internet didn't matter any more? What would become possible?

The capacity and speed of the internet and related networks has increased exponentially over the last 20 years but the change has come in steps, steps that have unleashed waves of innovation.

While many understood that broadband would make it easier to access information, find and communicate with people and transfer rich content like video, no one foresaw Wikipedia, Facebook or Youtube. The spreadĀ of full fibre and arrival of 5G will be the next step change: what are the innovations they will bring that we are failing to imagine?

IBZL tries to create the conditions to start that imagining process.

Working with our partners the Open University, CBN provides workshops that help particpants collaborate and think beyond the obvious, better to unsderstand the impact of IBZL and the opportunities it will create for business and the public sector.

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