What we do

At CBN we work to advise national and local Government, urban and rural organisations on ways to develop their digital infrastructure to promote economic development and digital inclusion.

We emphasise the opportunity that comes from the development of what we call a truly transformational digital infrastructure or TDI; While “NGA” and “superfast broadband” are often seen as goals in their own right they are in truth inputs to a greater transformational agenda.

Too often there is an assumption that once superfast broadband is in place the economic and social benefits will naturally follow but without that wider agenda that sees the infrastructure as a foundation, there remains a risk that the next wave of innovation will be unfocussed and may miss key economic and social goals.

Transformational Digital Infrastructure provides the context within which superfast broadband can be delivered.

CBN has many years’ experience of delivering projects that shape urban and rural areas through innovation.

We are fully independent and can offer public and private sector clients an objective view.

We specialise in developing innovative collaborations between public, private and community organisations, drawn from primary experience of working in each sector.

  • Broadband strategy – showing the vision and strategic context
  • Background data – Mapping existing broadband networks, service providers and speeds, and assessing potential demand for broadband services
  • Evidence of need – designing and carrying out local surveys and facilitating workshops with local stakeholders to demonstrate demand
  • Project scoping – tightly defined objectives and workplans for partners.
  • Identifying match funding from the public sector, EU and private finance.
  • Demonstrating economic, social and environmental benefits of improved broadband.
  • Commercial case and market engagement – assessing what the market will deliver.
  • Procurement – advice on how to get the best value for money from the BDUK framework, State Aid and infrastructure sharing.
  • Delivery – risks, governance, project management structure, milestones.