CBN recently held its AGM at Co-operatives UK Headquarters in Manchester. We are working on several exciting ideas on transformational digital infrastructure, which will enable full fibre and 5G networks to be deployed faster and at lower cost than conventional means. Co-operative models are a key part of this – sharing ownership and risk:

Dig once – where local government can use its powers to act as a Trust to reduce disruption and cost of multiple utilities digging up the same street

Sharing infrastructure – allowing multiple operators to share what is already in the ground.

Open Access 5G – scaling 5G with open access cells that can be used by multiple operators.

There are clearly exciting times ahead with the Government announcing £200M in full fibre investments in the last budget.

CBN is advising Local Government organisations about these services – if you would like more information, please get in touch.

Marit Hendriks, Adrian Wooster and Steve Spillane were all thanked for their massive contribution towards shaping broadband in the UK and have moved on to new challenges.

11. May 2017 by Daniel
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