CBN Workshop January 2016

Local Digital Exchanges

Internet infrastructure hubs supporting innovation and collaboration

Half-day Workshop London 2pm 27 January 2016

The Digital Exchange concept plugs an important gap in digital sector and infrastructure development. A shared, neutral facility supports ISPs and digital businesses developing new products and services to deliver the 21st century Internet.

Now that concept has been made real with the Brighton Digital Exchange. It’s a neutral Point of Presence and advanced hosting facility. With its unique shared ownership model, the exchange is giving SMEs access to superior infrastructure, while stimulating innovation and collaboration and supporting the investment business case for service providers, carriers and digital businesses.

This innovative model is ready for replication and adaption in other locations with opportunities for local economic development agencies and investors.

At this event you will hear about the Brighton experience and how local digital exchanges can accelerate infrastructure transformation.


Full speaker details here

John Souter, Chief Executive of LINX, the world’s second largest Internet exchange, on decentralising the UK Internet and how the Digital Exchange model can help.

Mike Kelly, Chief Executive of Datacentred and founder of Telecity, on making hosting infrastructure work for small and growing digital businesses.

Shaun Fensom, CBN, on the digital exchange model


Peter Eyres, Netfuse – how the Brighton DX is encouraging collaboration and innovation

Andy Hirst, Sudlows data centre builders – building a small, lights-off shared facility

Malcolm Corbett, INCA – the opportunity for network providers and ISPs

Iain Bennett, The Fifth Sector – funding and state aid considerations

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